Ahmet Öktem

Ahmet was born in 1951, in Karabük. Lives and works in Istanbul.

“I had never imagined that rendering visible something, instead of putting it into words, could be a reason of war.
The condition of pages inside a bag, folded in signatures, never transformed into a book, bothered anybody.
I realized only afterwards what kind of a threat it was to take these out from the place they were; the desperation
of not knowing what to do. Overwhelmed in the meaningless manner of having found something, I counted the
signatures, then arranged them according to their order and as far as I was concerned, this condition of them, had
nothing threatening about it. Pages including all kinds of photographs, drawings and techniques of war devices,
aligned in a three columned design, seemed just appropriate to me. Yet, I dare say that, the light I did not take
account of, transformed it completely, I now could almost hear that, getting rid of its silence, it started making weird
noises. I understood that there was no turning back, at least I should not be there, so I carefully left the place.”