Border Line


Mankind has always maintained its cultural and physical life by drawing boundaries since its existence. In other words, he has tried to limit his own freedom or the living space around him. When we look at the issue from this perspective, we see that the word border is not a line that separates the territory of two neighbouring states or cities.

Anger; in the broader sense, it is the most extreme point at which something can spread or expand. This is constantly changing with the personal, political, geographical, physical, historical, cultural and intellectual situations. When we think that life is sitting on a dialect, it is obvious that time is the most important factor that determines or changes the boundaries. Time is a fact that transcends or transcends boundaries because it allows one state to pass to another state.

That is why human beings, in the short period of time, has constantly exceeded the limits and everything that is limited by the sense of discovery and the motivation of curiosity to activate the brain. Now limitation is the limit of mankind. In more accurate terms, “the border is infinite in every sense of the term, and in this eternity everyone has a story to tell.

In this context, we believe that although our artists have limitations in this exhibition, they will open new ways to the future for the audience by exceeding these limits with their infinite ability to think and produce.

  • Curators: Denizhan Özer, Seyhan Boztepe
  • Exhibition Coordinator: Burcu Coştur