Biennial Youth

“Biennial Youth”, grew out of the energy of university students constituting nearly one-third of the population in Çanakkale. University students organized themselves horizontally on a voluntary basis to work for various design, implementation and organizational processes of a contemporary art event which was executed on an international scale and standards; while working as a team, have taken on task and responsibility, they have found the opportunity to experience the process of collective production and creative work. One of the most important achievements of the Biennial Youth was to bring together fine art students trained in art, with the production process of the artists. These young people assisted to the production of biennial artists in Çanakkale who came from different cities of the world and Turkey, have significant experiences enhanced their adventure of education and production while witnessing as well as contributing to the creative process of artists. Biennial Youth Team, who work completely with voluntary basis, with an amateur spirit and dedication for the realization of Çanakkale Biennials, is the most important driving force behind the biennial with its energy, motivation and dedication. By developing an application method which is an alternative to the corporate organizational model, Biennial Youth is aiming for this international event in Çanakkale being followed with a growing interest and curiosity each time, providing access to the different sections and groups to integrate it with the community.

Work of Biennial Youth Team was rewarded with a visit to the Venice Biennial by Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan in 2015. 22 members of the Biennial Youth Team had the chance to visit the 56th Venice Biennial between 17-19 June.

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