Ahmet Sipahioğlu

Born in 1954 in Ankara. Lives and works in Izmir.
Mr A, Animation, Digital copy of Super 8mm film, 11’39”, 1972
Courtesy of the Artist

Ahmet Sipahioğlu is an academician and writer, who made his higher education in the field of cinema in England and has many academic and literary publications on the problems of visual expression and fiction. His animated film from 1972 tells about the eternal vicious circle of humanity through the assassination attempt of an anarchist. This short story, which has a Kafkaesque or Borgesian atmosphere and reflects the mood and urban climate of the Western society of its period, was produced with drawing on paper, and cut-out animation technique. Returning with awards from many competitions such as the İfsak Grand Prize in the years it was produced, Mr. A. is a document that reflects the quests on visual expression issues such as motion picture, animation and fiction from fifty years ago.