Bikem Ekberzade

Born and bred (mostly) in Istanbul, Ekberzade works in different parts of the Globe as a photojournalist covering conflicts and when not traveling lives in transit between Istanbul and Muğla.

Crossings is the final leg of The Refugee Project which Bikem Ekberzade has started as a documentary photography project at the onset of the Kosovo crisis in 1998. Albeit having started as a “final leg”, as of now the Project has officially become Crossings.
At a time when forced migration is so inevitably visible, the Project, with its initial aim to move the reader / audience to take
action, passes the flag onto Crossings which in turn continues to aim exactly the same, and a bit more. Crossings also is a Cliff Notes version of The Refugee Project, and much as in the two books which Ekberzade published as part of the Project, Crossings is an amalgam of Ekberzade’s personal experiences while researching and documenting forced migration.