Boris Mikhailov

Boris was born in 1938 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Lives and works in Kharkiv and Berlin.

Late in December 2013, a month after people came to Maidan Nezalezhnosti and pitched their tents, Boris Mikhaïlov and his wife Vita went to Kiev and made a series of photographs recording the everyday life of the protester’s camp, as well as several large-format photo collages with panoramic views of the Maidan that recall the dramatic canvases made by Russian realist painters in the late nineteenth century. Mikhaïlov’s works are not photojournalistic ones, made to excite, irritate, or entertain; they are life seen from within. The faces of people extracted from the crowd by the photographer’s lens express the dim sense of anxiety about an indef inite future
(Text from the Manifesta catalogue).