We are looking for the Sounds of Çanakkale!

We are looking for the Sounds of Çanakkale!
29/08/2020    |    News

We are looking for the Sounds of Çanakkale!

The Soundsslike Project is a crowdsourced sound heritage archive which invites contributors to record urban sounds that are considered as intangible cultural heritage elements and to add them to the archive. You can also take part in it by bringing your sound recordings and contribute to the Çanakkale Biennial.

Sounds like street musicians, ferries, wave or wind are inevitable parts of our daily lives and our cultures. Sounds are of great importance in terms of intangible cultural heritage. Sounds that are not protected or archived get lost forever. In dynamic cities, daily life and urban sounds change rapidly. Therefore, it is significant and necessary to protect cultural sound marks of the city to sustain cultural identity and cultural memory.

The Soundscape of Istanbul project is looking or the sounds of Çanakkale! The main aim of the project is to raise public awareness of urban and cultural sounds as intangible cultural heritage elements. Those willing to record the sounds of Çanakkale and add it to this archive will be part of a collective work as part of the Çanakkale Biennial.


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Sound recording:
• Using professional sound recording devices is highly appreciated. (Zoom Handy Recorder is recommended.) Smart phones are also welcome.
• Try to avoid wind when recording the sound. You can simply hide your sound recording device into your clothings without touching anywhere.
• During recording, try not to walk or if you need to move, try to walk very slowly. For clear outcomes, standing still is recommended.
• .mp3 format is preferred for sound recordings.
• Sound recordings shouldn’t exceed 40MB.

Sound editing:
• If you record a sound in a different format (other than .mp3), there are several online audio convertor programs.
• If you record a video and want to take out its sound, there are several online audio extractor programs.
• If you need to cut or simply edit your sound recording, there are several online audio editor programs.

• It is preferred to have one photograph related to your sound recording. If you don’t have a photo, default logo of the project will appear together with your sound recording.
• If you record a video and want to take out a scene as a photo, you can simply take a screenshot.
• .jpeg and .png formats are welcome.
• Photos shouldn’t exceed 5MB.

• Recordings should be urban sounds which reflect everyday life and culture of the city.
• Please be aware that your sound recordings don’t include any personal information as background sound.
• Staged or recorded musical or spoken-word performances are subject to copyright restrictions. You need to be sure that you have permission, at least orally.
• Please ensure that you do not disturb the animals in any way while recording wildlife.

• Create an account via e-mail or twitter.
• Log in to your account.
• Click on “Add Sound” and follow the steps.
• All recordings uploaded to the Soundsslike Project will need to be approved by the moderation team before they appear on the archive. The moderation team reserves the right to decline submissions based on poor audio quality, unrelated content or copyright infringement.