Ekin Saçlıoğlu

Born in 1979 in Izmir. Lives and works in Istanbul.

The photograph, which is the starting point of the drawing series 'Leopard and Geometry', is the only photograph of the Anatolian Leopard that could be taken alive in nature. It was shot by German scientist Prof. Curt Kosswig in Malatya in 1949. Based on this photograph, the artist visualized in her drawings the transition between black and white natural spots and colored geometric forms. While a square, one of the most basic geometric forms, is seen in one piece, there is another form that is formed by the overlapping of geometric forms, can also be perceived as an animal abstraction. In the last piece of the series, the stain belonging to the leopard is seen in a void in an uncertain space with amorphous and angular forms.

This series evokes concepts such as abstraction, space, belonging, trace, togetherness and separation, while suggesting the environment that is sometimes mutually exclusive and sometimes separated between the human and non-human world.