Erdal Sezer

Erdal was born in 1980, in Istanbul. Lives and works in

Traditional Ottoman miniatures being a part of art history also are a method for historiography. Erdal Sezer, by
interpreting this traditional method in his works, brings together the viewer with his own historiography. While
in traditional miniatures, military victories depict the strength, force of power, and weddings, celebrations
and daily life in the palace depicts the splendor of the dynasty, Sezer combines with miniature an alternative
historiography sensibility. In one of his canvases the artist illustrates the dark moments of the social and
political history of Turkey by assembling together in a composition, important incidents such as the September
12th military coup d’etat, the Soma mine disaster and the Dersim massacre. In his second canvas, he reflects
subjects from all over the world like Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Gaza and September 11th attacks within a spatial
and temporal arrangement.