Ergin Çavuşoğlu

Ergin was born in 1968 in Targovishte-Bulgaria. Lives and works in London.

The conceptual framework of the artist’s work is twofold: one screen presents the shipwrecks of the fleet of the Allies
(Lundy, Louis and Barge) that were sunk in their approach to the strait of Dardanelles in Turkey during the ‘Gallipoli
Campaign’ of First World War. The second one shows the bustle of contemporary vessels crisscrossing the blue waters
above. The edit of the footage implies that the battleships perished along the same axis one following the other. Through
a very particular filming technique of vertically scanning the seabed and the waters above, the work endeavors to signify
the importance of the act of somber remembrance and reconciliation. From an unfamiliar bird’s eye perspective, the
camera tracks slowly over the length of the shipwrecks revealing decaying remnants that are both hauntingly beautiful
and menacing. We cannot escape thoughts about the circumstances of their ill fate.