Georgios Katsagelos

Georgios was born in 1956 in Arnea, Halkidiki, Greece. Lives and works in Thessaloniki.

War, a meeting point for people, ideologies and civilizations. With different intentions, necessities
and rules, they are rivalling for influence, land or material goods, and while often for other more
abstract things but as important as the former. A war on the verge of a myth, the Trojan, a poet
who documented it, Homer. The Chronicle of an adventure of a civilization against another, who
experienced siege. One vast relocation for that time, which happened through the sea, that
united them and separated them simultaneously. There were many lives lost as well as many
as many heroic acts performed. For centuries, the drama of encounter has inspired writers and
storytellers not only because of its duration, its intelligence but also because of the martial virtues
that characterize both sides. After many years, a European citizen with an obsession and a will
to learn, Henry Schliemann proved with archaeological evidences that the myth is in fact history.
In the places that people came face to face for the Trojan War, today live different people, who
are peaceful and whose origin is often distant from those who were included in the myth. In the
current snapshot, these people, whose names sometimes change or stay the same, reminding us
of Ancient Greece and Troy of timeless passion and desire, meet us visually in these places.