Hans Schabus

Hans was born in 1970 in Watschig, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.

The multi-disciplinary practice of Hans Schabus is hard to summarize in a few words. What all his works have
in common, however, is an existential approach. His projects range from one-off site-specific installations to
on-going, performative actions, from photographs, to sculptures, to a spy-hole drilled into his gallery wall and
blocked with a glass bottle. In Çanakkale, Schabus presents Echo, his video from 2009 shot in the meadowregion
of the Danube. The protagonist is on the run, through abandoned wetland, he stumbles into the brushwood,
tumbeling into the wet mud. Pulling himself together, he continues his escape into uncertainty. The
questions, however, remain open: Who is after him? Why is he running away? Where is he aiming at?