Harold De Bree

Harold was born in 1966 in Voorschoten, The Netherlands. Lives and works Den Haag.

The work of Harold de Bree puts forward the
relationship between the visual arts and warfare and
reconstructs sections from history in such a way as to
trigger deep memories and sensations. This often has
an industrial, military glow: he is particularly attracted
by pure, sober, grey forms and by heavy, dangerous
things. Through repetition, however, these colossal
objects seem to become incoherent and less concrete.

Cramped in that funnelled hole, they watched the dawn

Open a jagged rim around; a yawn

Of death’s jaws, which had all but swallowed them

Stuck in the bottom of his throat of phlegm.

They were in one of many mouths of Hell

Not seen of seers in visions, only felt

As teeth of traps; when bones and the dead are smelt

Under the mud where long ago they fell

Mixed with the sour sharp odour of the shell.

(A poem by WILFRED OWEN)