İhsan Oturmak

Born in Diyarbakır in 1987. Lives and works in Balıkkesir and İstanbul.

İhsan Oturmak's first video work "Skidding" focuses on the effects of the Silvan Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant in Diyarbakır on agriculture. In the video, a vehicle representing power gets stuck in the mud on a dirt road leading to the dam in a place where arid agriculture is practiced. As it moves to get out of the mud, it skids. As it skids, it gets dirty. After this process is over, both the vehicle and its surroundings get dirty.

"A painting about a dam" is another oil painting dated 2022.
Oturmak, who has been documenting the photographs of people who come to rescue drowning people or to watch the process for a while, drew her attention to the inability of people to organize in these drowning cases, especially in the Marmara Sea, and the fact that these processes end in drowning. This gave important clues about Turkey's demographic structure, character and crisis management. The artist evaluated these collected images in relation to the issue of working together and carried a collective moment to her canvas.