IRWIN is a group of five artists: Dušan Mandič (Ljubljana, 1954), Miran Mohar (Novo Mesto, 1958), Andrej Savski
(Ljubljana, 1961), Roman Uranjek (Trbovlje, 1961) and Borut Vogelnik (Kranj, 1959). It was founded in 1983 in
Ljubljana, Slovenia.

NSK Garda refers to a series of ongoing actions realized by IRWIN in collaboration with various armies: in Tirana,
Zagreb, Prague, Rome, Graz, Cetinje, Prishtina, Kyoto, Bishkek, Sarajevo, Tbilisi and Sligo. They verge between
a performance and a tableau vivant, in the sense that soldiers raise and guard the flag of the NSK State in Time
while wearing Malevich’s cross on their sleeves. Conceived as an encounter between the art society and military
society, the project puts into focus two social structures that rarely mix and are usually totally opposite to each
other. Being a state in time, NSK maintains a parasitic relationship towards other, ‘regular’ states: what is, in fact,
made visible in this project is precisely such a relationship.