Jehane Noujaim

Jehane was born in 1974 in Cairo, Egypt. Lives and works in Boston.

The Square is a live developing story of the quintessential struggle for freedom and democracy, of people putting
everything on the line to fight for their rights against institutional powers. Egypt has become a battleground of
ideas, and the film shows that it is the most devout of Muslims that will take to the street to fight the abuse
of religion to create a fascist state. For the first time, Muslims in vast numbers are fighting against political
Islam. The complexity of what is happening here cannot be summed up in a news report. What happens in Egypt
will dramatically affect the rest of the Middle East and the world. The Square is a truly immersive experience,
transporting the viewer deeply into the intense emotional drama and personal stories behind the news. It is the
inspirational story of young people claiming their rights, struggling through multiple forces: from a brutal army
dictatorship willing to crush protesters with military tanks, to corrupt Muslim Brotherhood using mosques to
manipulate voters.