Mehmet Ali Boran

Mehmet Ali Boran was born in 1981 in Mardin. Lives and works in Kızıltepe.

First of all; refresh memory, which is a process of reloading of the set
cells on memory chip or of recharging them with energy, is a term
that belongs to Information Technologies. Man’s having memory
creates time and past perception. The places of the moments we live
are a part of our lives as far as the moments we live. In this sense,
the city man lives in presents life experience formed with misery,
happiness and melancholy. The organic bond between man and city
has almost disappeared with the foundation of city. While Socrates
considered law and administration for city – state (police), in other
words authority, as the determinants, he may have considered city’s
reaching higher value of life as presupposition. As streets and public
institutions were brought under the control of authority and were
turned into public sphere, people were more imprisoned in their
homes, also. In conjunction with streets turning into the power’s field,
people’s dissentions on places emerged reactionally. This dissension
has mostly been seen as equal as an objection to a tyrant and the
power has breathed down people’s neck. Public’s being a determiner
on people’s destiny, which is expressed as the events encountered, have
caused an accumulation in the memory of city and people. Refresh
memory, demolishing the city by surrealistic attitude, is the dream of a
group of young people.