Nadi Güler

Nadi was born in 1964 in Istanbul.

It is a collective work which will awake social consciousness together
with the locals, the local authority and the non-governmental
organizations by revealing the environmental effects of prospecting for
gold with cyanide on Ida Mountains.

What essential is to protect the place of prophecies, myths, holy
persons, beliefs, sacrificed religious offerings to mountains, stones,
thousand welled Ida Mountains, from seed and mining law…
To strengthen feeling of social belonging by being incorporated into
resistance mechanisms on the area since War of Troy…

What apple, the reason of Adam and Eve’s expelling from the paradise,
represents is the epitome of knowledge. If man’s reaching knowledge
without permission of god, the only existence which has the knowledge
of universe, is regarded as disobedience; also, our similar disobedience
against prospecting for gold with cyanide result in whose expelling
from the paradise?

While the Earth had been transforming its memory into twodimensional
visuality, its forming a social station for itself was
expected so as to artistic creation remains standing; as, the biggest
effort on the world has been spent to fictionalize the phenomenon of
reality, on and again.

Western regimes printed calendars before Holy Scripture in their
printing houses many centuries ago, had shaped relations of
production via productive usage of time. Because a financial model
whose belief system doesn’t work well can’t last in the long term is
Consequently, contemporary art direction has to call back its old
ethical protectionism against traditional humanistic and financial
models, melting as a result of liberal policy.

Don’t be afraid, base your raison d'être (reason for being) on society.