Nevin Aladağ

Nevin was born in 1972 in Van, Turkey. Lives and works in Berlin.

“Beeline” deriving its name from the term used to define the shortest distance between two points. For this work,
Aladağ borrows the weaving pattern of the ropes used to tie the city’s ferries to the piers and embodies the shortest
distance between the two embankments of the Bosphorous with these indigo ropes. The 698 meters of rope-broken
up into parts and wrapped around wooden reels-defines the distance between the two points of the Rumelian and
Anatolian Fortresses standing on the opposing and closest banks of the Bosphorous. By breaking the length rope
into equal parts and then wrapping them around the wooden reels she creates ten stools, by which the artist extends
an invitation to the audience to sit on and reflect on the concepts of distance, proximity, travel and departure.