Nezaket Ekici

Nezaket was born in 1970 in Kırşehir. Lives and works in Berlin, Stuttgart and Istanbul.

In Nezaket Ekici’s video performance Munition, we see hands with red polished nails moving on the surface of a white
balloon. This scene creates an odd impression as if it were from a completely different universe. While hands powerfully
grab the balloon, they also produce a squeaking sound. The artist continues with her action until her nails puncture the
balloon. Upon the booming sound of the balloon resembling that of a shooting gun, the audience becomes aware of the
artist standing behind it and the previously odd image is replaced by an unexpected reality. We distinguish Ekici dressed
in a military uniform. While the hands on the balloon present a rather innocent picture, the situation hidden behind it
suddenly coming out, bring to our minds images related to war. The experience of the viewer makes him/her think about
the invisible face of militarism hiding in the background.