Panos Tsagaris

Panos was born in 1979 in Athens, Greece. Lives and works in New York, USA.

Through his work Tsagaris aspires to express the emanation of the “Divine” as it is reflected through the
abstraction, the beauty and the poetry of the everyday, thus bringing himself and a viewer closer to the state of
Catharsis. He aims to create a unified spiritual environment where manifold religions and spiritual traditions are
not hostile to each other but mutually connected through compassion and love. In this sense, his work resonates
with life’s fragile struggle between the sacred and the profane in order to capture the restlessness and magic of
human soul. “Life is a ‘purification’ process in which we try, on a daily basis, to elevate our ‘impure’ self to the
level where it can reunite with our ‘Divine’ essence (awakened consciousness). For that goal to be reached, we
work simultaneously at a personal level as well as at a collective one”, says Tsagaris. In CHAOS II, the concept
of the passage from darkness into light symbolizes the gradual disconnection from materiality and the slow
awakening of higher consciousness. International newspaper covers, collected by Tsagaris between 2010 and
2014, serve as a basis for this, and a series of his related works about the recent Greek crisis.