Pınar Yoldaş

Born in 1979 in Denizli. Lives and works in Michigan.

The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance, is a video work by the artist Pinar Yoldas. The narrative projects a speculative future scenario, in which an artificial intelligence computer in the form of a kitten has replaced the governing elite.

The is year 2039. In a “politician-free zone” the Kitty AI reigns supreme as the ultimate governor of a European city. R-Crisis EMEA, a refugee crisis triggered by war and climate change, is followed by P-Crisis EMEA, a political crisis where many politicians across Europe and EMEA countries fail to serve the sentient human. Kitty AI is an artificial intelligence with the affective capacities of a cat who can love up to 3 million people. The AI not only carries the tasks of a governor it also takes care of its citizens at a personal level. A fun take on the future of AI, governance and cats the piece does not fail to entertain while inspiring critical thinking.