Raziye Kubat

Raziye was born in 1968 in Malatya. Lives and works in Istanbul.

The work of the artist, taking as a starting point, 150 years after the Caucasian exile, the historical memory of a migrant community
that has become sedentary in Adapazarı, finds for itself a timeless platform, as we continue to witness exiles and waves of
immigration even in our day. The series titled Yusuf Who Was Not Called consists of diverse techniques and a wide range of
interface readings in addition to a story accompanied by related paintings, published under the same name firstly in Turkish by Ceres
Publications and concurrently with the Çanakkale Biennial, in English by Dada Publications. As the main theme of the story, we
witness Gupse arriving at Istanbul for lornly as an exile victim, selling in desperation her son Yusuf at the ‘market’ and immediately
after doing so regretting it. Yusuf Who Was Not Called is the adventure of this Yusuf, and his breed indeed. While accompanying this
narration, in the background we also witness the downfall of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the new Turkey.