Songül Boyraz

Songül Boyraz was born in 1969 in Elbistan. Lives and works in Vienna.

In this tunnel-like room installation, reflecting the inspiration of the artist from the struggle of soldiers fighting
hand-to-hand in the trenches of Çanakkale during the First World War, we embark upon a journey through
time that starts from 1915 and ends in 2014. In the video at the end of the tunnel, we see children singing the
song “Masters of War” written in 1963 during early years of the Cold War by Bob Dylan, against the oppressive
militarist politics of Eisenhower. The staggering impact of hearing from children’s voices the verses of Bob Dylan
hoping for the death of warmongers, becomes a tool for the artist to show to the audience the fact that, even in
the modern world seeming to change and improve continuously, wars and their effects, never ever manage to
keep their hands off our humanity.