Tatiana Villani

Born in Bergamo, Italy in 1974. Lives and works in Lucca, Italy.

Seeds & the Others is the new chapter of a long quest about nature carried out by Tatiana Villani. After a project around seeds and the knowledge they pass on, during GIUNGLA 2021, the artist presented Germina: an installation where plants and sculptures stood together in a germination of entities that looked like aliens, confusing the viewer.
In Canakkale, the universe created for the Botanical Garden of Lucca connected with the local environment. During her residency, in July 2022, Tatiana Villani visited some spots that became sources of inspiration for the new artwork. In the attempt to take root, a local spring has been disseminated of sculptures, in a new effort to inhabit the space: mixing natural elements with ceramics, a balance is sought between nature and artifice.
The installation will present both the sculptures and the photographs taken at the spring, giving life to a world where “nature is imagination”, as William Blake said.