Ugo La Pietra

Ugo La Pietra was born in 1938 in Bussi, Pescara, Italy. Lives and works in Milan.

With the money I won at the Nancy Festival for the film La Grande Occasione, I made the longest
film of the series I shot between 1972 and 1977.

The work is complex and attempts to demonstrate a way for repossessing the city, not so much
through physical interventions, but with behavioural and mental operations.

"Living means being at home everywhere: This phrase, almost an advertising slogan, opens the
film in the way a manifesto begins, a kind of rallying cry to which the smiling face of Ugo La Pietra
-fully concerned with going for a shave, and looking at his reflection in the windows of a large
doorway- certifies the images. For La Pietra, the cinema is an indispensable means for analysing
and decoding the environment, recording the traces of an original creative activity, forming and
dismantling the topoi of urban architecture, and giving indications for a behaviour capable of
imparting life to 'one's own' city. [...]." (Paolo Mereghetti, 1977)