Zeren Göktan

Born in Ankara in 1975. Lives and works in İstanbul.

In her series of photographs titled "Backyard", Zeren Göktan is inspired by a backyard where the abandoned objects of everyone's life are thrown away and forgotten. In these gardens, where the first encounters with the outside world take place at a young age, people who discover their imagination while imagining an infinite number of games long for this playful world that they try to keep alive in their memories as the years pass. In his photographs, the artist presents her dreams to children posing in places that seem inaccessible and even dangerous to reach. When viewed from above, everything has shrunk and the child's point of view, and therefore his/her sphere of dominance, has expanded. Because the world becomes a toy when viewed from above. Göktan's children, like Lewis Carroll's Alice in "Alice in Wonderland", have stopped digging deep and explored the surface. The subject has abandoned the perspective made possible for itself. Everything visible, that is, all possible knowledge is now in front of their eyes. The games they play, like Alice's, are games without clear rules, without clear winners and losers. All this atmosphere makes us witness the moment when a minor human game and a major game, a human game and a divine game are intertwined.