Angela Melitopoulos

Angela was born in 1961 in Munich. Lives and works in Berlin.

Everything forgotten mixes with the forgotten of the world before.
(Walter Benjamin)

The video “Passing Drama” is based on different recollections told by refugees living next to the city of Drama in Northern Greece. Drama can also be translated as stage show, scene, narration or play. The city of Drama is inhabited by Greek refugees who survived the exodus from Asia Minor to Greece in 1923. In World War II their children escaped the Bulgarian / German occupation and became worker-slaves in Hitler’s Germany. Interviews with those refugees connected to my father’s recite of his departure from Greece to Vienna are tracing a diagonal path crossing four different national states from Turkey to Europe.
“Passing Drama” is woven as a hyper textual structure of images and sounds, a structure of memory and recollection visualised through the possibilities of non-linear editing. “Passing Drama” narrates from the point of view of a becoming minority, who’s past seems to be devoured by industrial machines in favour of a invisible majority.