Leftoverworks was founded in 2007, with an aim
of collecting works from independent producers
of video and other visual art disciplines under a
common platform as well as exhibiting, presenting
and broadcasting them.

“Urban renewal is the desire of wealthy classes to return to the centre.”
David Harvey

Although, a city is a common living area with constantly expanding
frontiers, inhabiting a population that is mostly increasing; it becomes
an engine as it eradicates the existing natural living spaces to replace
them with artificial settlements only to later destroy these to make
way for larger, grander buildings. Its enemy is the nature itself, like
weed that comes out among the concrete…

Faust’s actual tragedy starts when he orders the extermination of the
old couple living in a shack by the sea to fulfill his “dream to create
the utopian city.” Ever since Faust, the engines of urban renewal
push the citizens -victims of the unlimited invasion of capital- to the
peripheries, troubling them with various tragedies.

The voices lost to the roars of the engines prior to each demolition
become the outcry of a resistance pleading housing rights. Only then,
when the lost voices unite, the gears of the engine break.