Berfin Erdoğan & Yağmur Uyanık

Berfin Erdoğan was born in İstanbul in 1994. Lives and works in İstanbul.
Yağmur Uyanık was born in Antalya in 1992. Lives and works in İstanbul and San Francisco.

Detailed information:

Time keeper
2022, dimensions variable
LED stopwatch, kombucha, mini fridge, SCOBY

Time keeper positions fermentation as a method and a viable agent to re-conceive of the understanding of labor and time. It aims to reconsider the critical dimensions of living and the material activities of the human and non-human entities involved in the kitchen-space while speculating about the methods of time-keeping. The work features kombuchas brewed for the biennial by the artists and two digital stopwatches displaying two different countdowns for the SCOBY -symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast that ferments the drink. One of the stopwatches displays the time spent by the SCOBY during the fermentation processes while the other displays the remaining time before it goes bad. Centering around this life-span, the work touches on topics such as modes of kinship, co-habitants of the world and ecologies of decay, decomposition and digestion.