at Can Altay's Jam Chamber: Murat Meriç proudly presents

at Can Altay's Jam Chamber: Murat Meriç proudly presents
01/10/2022    |    Events    |    Performance

at Can Altay's Jam Chamber: Murat Meriç proudly presents

Murat Meriç proudly presents:
"Can we work together?" "Live" performance from cassette/record

The music world is always full of surprising unions. Unlikely artists who come together for a television or radio program, those who meet for charity campaigns, those who cross paths at some point, those who hit the road as a "caravan of expatriates" or those who walk side by side from the very beginning... There are many. This is the case in every field from classical music to folk music, but the most prominent ones are those in the pop and rock community. In addition to the known ones, there are also unknown ones and unrealized projects. Most people know about the collaboration between Çiğdem Talu and Melih Kibar or the collaboration between Attilâ İlhan and Timur Selçuk, but not many people know that Fikret Kızılok and Ahmed Arif once worked together. Many "collaborations" have disappeared into the dusty shelves of history. Now it's time to bring them out into the open.

In the 8th Çanakkale Biennial organized for the 8th time this year, participants will revolve around the question "How do we work together?" and seek answers to this question. In this event, we will take a different route and ask the question backwards: "Can we work together?" While searching for the answer, we will proceed through examples from different periods of history, without moving away from the axis of music.

Undoubtedly, there are as many examples that have failed to achieve "togetherness" as there are successful ones. We will not ignore these. One of the first meetings we come across while digging into history is that of minstrels having a quarrel - which we cannot write down as a quarrel since there is a surprising "togetherness" in them. At other times, we also come across those who do not leave each other alone. Those who turn their paths in opposite directions while walking side by side, rappers who "diss" each other, rappers who start working together but at some point turn bloody and many more are included in this state of working/not working.

Murat Meriç will present an hour-long performance that will tell the story of those who tried to work "together" within the borders of the country and on the axis of music in the development process from records to cassettes, from CDs to mp3s, and will seek an answer to the question in the title. It is a concert with songs, folk songs, speeches and lots of visuals; moreover, it includes saz, jazz, hicaz, you name it. With the stars of the music world, "live" from cassette/record.

Really, can we work together?