Can Altay

Born in 1975 in Ankara.

A circle that can be approached easily, an assemblage of rudimentary furniture, a simple amplified speaker (or fully acoustic) for a few instruments.
If there had been a jam pot in the middle, the salute to Sarkis might have been a bit overdone. Reçel is actually a deliberate mistranslation, a Turkishization of 'jam', the name given to making free and partly improvised music together. The 'jam circle' is an environment where invited and uninvited musicians can come and hang out, and passersby can listen to the music they play.
"Jam" is actually a jazz tradition. It refers to playing over a rhythm or melody without a precise goal, diversifying it as a group. I think this is a very unique way of co-production, flexible, permeable, generous, relatively unregulated but respectful.
On the one hand, it also resembles lovers' quarrels and similar musical gatherings in terms of its setting. There is a circle, the audience is right in or around the musicians, but never in front of them. The event takes place in the middle and together.
In the jam circle, we will be inviting people and communities who are involved in music, sound and spoken word, and we will not only have jam sessions, but also, if necessary, rap, lovers' sparring, poetry readings, or various hybrids of these, and perhaps other sound-making activities that we can't even think of.