Çınar Eslek

Çınar was born in 1976 in Tunceli. Lives and works in Istanbul.

Collected dead plants, branches and pieces of trees which were not allowed to blend into the nature and standing as if detached from their living conditions, have rehashed in the field of art which is a fictional space by itself. As if saying “there was something else around” after natural disasters, it corresponds to the atmosphere created from natural components. At the same time this creation corresponds to the Calvert family’s (a Levantin family that lived in Çanakkale untill the begining of 20th century) installation which they deal within the framework of a rich plant species and archaeological curiosity. And the light is a homage to the things that had extincted.

Çınar Eslek draws our attention to how we easily confirm the “non-self” state of words and
indicators, while she presents us their dark and shady sides; so far ok… Then on the other hand,
she proves us how she can easily show us “as if-real”, an unmodelled “thing” that we have never
experienced before anyway. How come we forget about the conflicting meanings and differences
that have pervaded in them? That is to say, “language” and indicators have replaced the reality…
Triggers the thought: Wondering what historical impositions does this power in “language” and
in indicators; the power to establish reality and get it immediately confirmed carry, and how can
it be so persuasive?
Emre Zeytinoğlu