Constantin Xenakis

28 Aralık 1931 Kahire, Mısır – 6 Haziran 2020 Paris, Fransa

Constantin Xenakis work often included written script, symbols and codes of everyday life, traffic signs, alchemy, the zodiac, mathematical and chemical symbols, Egyptian hieroglyphics, letters from the Greek, Phoenician and Arabic alphabets.

In the course of his long quest, he had succeeded in combining art with technology, spontaneity together with style, yesterday with today, poetry with rationalism, thus, creating images that allow us to witness the contradictions of daily life from a different dimension, a purely critical one.

In all of the periods of his work, he called forth many primary data so as to put together his personal semantic code, which provided a feedback for an original and spontaneous art, deeply poetic and dramatic at the same time, even though, at first look it appears to be intellectual and distant. The art of chaotic writing, shapes and colors, as well as of a philosophical dimension which functions always on a second level, provokes the viewer’s eyes, who, in an attempt to recompose and interpret the multiplicity of points, he finally yields to the magic offered by the artistic product in order to discover a different image of modern world, a world that is of concern to him in everyday life, a life that has the potential to give him a different dimension.