Douglas Gordon

Douglas was born in 1966 in Glasgow, Scotland. Lives and works in New York, Berlin and Glasgow.

Gordon works in a varied selection of media. He has used performance, painting, installation, text and in
particular, film, both original and appropriated from other sources, for his investigations into perception, memory
and amnesia. In 10 ms-¹ a short piece of vintage medical research footage transferred to video is slowed and
projected on to a large freestanding screen that occupies the center of the exhibition space. The film depicts a
man suffering from some form of undisclosed trauma or injury. At the beginning of the film he lies prone on the
floor, before repeatedly attempting to find his feet and stand upright. With the original context of the medical
footage removed, the audience is uncertain how to respond to the compelling, uncomfortable scene being played
out before them, whether to watch, or to turn away from the confusion the subject is quite clearly in. Gordon has
acknowledged: “Fear and repulsion and fascination are critical in both the world of this science (neurology) and
the world of cinema.”