Esin Turan

Esin was born in 1970 in Konya. Lives and works in Vienna.

7 young refugees were photographed while they were lying under a carpet covering over in the public sphere. As a starting point carpet is a symbol of home, it wraps and hide. The origin of carpet is Middle East, the first carpet had seen in Ancient Egypt.
It brought to the Europe by the Crusades in Middle Ages and as a symbol of money and power it was used as decoration for the walls not for the ground. At the same time we frequently encounter with the image of the carpets in the Middle East fairy tales as a magical flying carpet for transport.
Sweeping negativity under the carpet: to postpone to face with the problems that can not be resolved, and keep them out of sight… There is “To sweep under the carpet” statement in Turkish as well as in many languages. The other forms like “straw to six”, “something to hide, distort the facts, to store” carry the same meaning. In other words “hush up the matter” means dissemble something, distort the facts, or hide the truth.
Immigration / refugee crisis being swept under the carpet not just in Turkey but in Europe as well. However, destiny of people is not a crumb to be swept under the carpet.