Fani Zguro

Fani was born in 1977 in Tirana, Albania. Lives and works in Milan.

“Street by Street” is a two channel video. The first channel, a day trip in Tirana through the center,
is enough to realize its citizens, too, are part of the sight, have that look of fairytale characters.
Farmers dressed-up with an urban façade create a sort of black humour, their portraits and
mimickings produce scenes of Neanderthal-age delirium. The second channel is a deep nocturnal
landscape also in Tirana andoriginates from the new editing of footage shot mostly in 2004,
centered on nocturnal settings and dark ambiances, focused on the silence surrounding the
night and the strange noises seemingly coming from afar. But instead it’s all very near, hidden in
the utmost darkness and enhanced by the firm contrasts that arise between bursts of light and
tormented sounds.