Funda Susamoğlu

Born in Ankara in 1978. Lives and works in Ankara.

On longing and not being able to produce together.
Since we have been living in different cities for a while, our practice of producing together has been disrupted. However, we are not trying to reverse or legitimise the conceptual negativity of not being able to produce. It can be said that two people who have produced at tables side by side for a long time are looking for a line towards each other in their forms and emotions, even though they are in different cities. These works are about this atomised new world, Turkey and emotions rather than a specific, overly reduced subject. This can sometimes turn into a half-living, undefined gaze whose formlessness comes from its formlessness, on the one hand, trying to keep a record on what does not exist, therefore trembling, overlapping images. How can we produce together without being physically together? In order to do this, we chose to exchange images through virtual means, to open old notebooks, to pursue overlapping works that speak to each other, to correspond. We wanted to make ourselves and each other talk as a new person, to bring together the intersections between the pages on a single table while we were going through the old notebooks we had accumulated.