Furkan Öztekin

Born in Tekirdağ in 1993. Lives and works in Tekirdağ.

Furkan Öztekin produces new works in the memory of the late artist and activist Ceyhan Fırat in relation to the theme “How do we work together?” of the 8th Çanakkale Biennial.
The collage work titled ‘Borrowed’ consisting of seven pieces visualizes a poem assembled from Ceyhan Fırat’s autobiographical book ‘A Game of Legs’ published in 1996. The poetic world Fırat fictionalized through unsteady emotions merge with the abstract and fragile
language of paper collages.
The second work Furkan Öztekin produced for the biennial is a photograph from Fırat’s archive and a rhinestone adorned crown. The crown once worn by Fırat in the 90’s who lived in Ülker street, one of the major fronts of Turkey’s LGBTQ+ resistance, becomes a collaborative production project with reference to the biennial theme. Although ‘The Crown’ appears to be a farewell, it simultaneously explores the ways to reorganize the past and consider the past as a breathing structure.