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With a focus on video art, SENKRON is a combination of synchronized exhibitions and events that will be organized simultaneously by galleries, museums, and initiatives across Turkey. MAHAL in Çanakkale is participating in SENKRON with a video screening program entitled “In Motion”.

Taking place simultaneously and within a certain calendar in two different venues in the city, "In Motion" will present video works by four artists. The selection focuses on productions that create a poetic and multi-layered narrative and a genuine atmosphere with the means of moving image.

Hertog Nadler's "Nation for Two" video of 2012, which will be exhibited in MAHAL between 19-23 April, is the story of a man and a woman digging their way towards each other from two remote locations. Produced in stop-motion-animation technique, the work creates a lyric universe where the meaning of romanticism and the absurdity of the land borders are interwoven. Kalliopi Lemos's 2016 video "Irrevocable Transformations", which will also be shown at MAHAL on April 26-30, reflects a performer's effort to stand on the “Platform” sculpture by Lemos. The tense, uncanny and dramatic struggle of the performer with the Platform refers to the precarious existence of the individual in today's society.

Korfmann Library is another venue in Çanakkale that will host the "In Motion" screenings within the scope of SENKRON. The videos, which will be shown in a five-day cycle in the multipurpose hall of the library, establish a unique connection with the screenings in MAHAL. Helin Boztepe's "4th" video dated 2020, which will be screened on April 19-23, is about a woman who travels through time between the layers of the past, present and future. As she crosses different geographies with her extremely long hairs -symbol of continuity-, concepts such as movement, memory and life are constructing their expressions in an epic atmosphere. The final video "Territory", which will be shown at the Korfmann Library on April 26-30, is a work of Begüm Yamanlar dated 2013. With the transformation it constructs on the ground of a black and white photo, the video suggests an extension of the capacity of the human vision to perceive the world, however, it plays a trick on the observer by challenging the ability to perceive the transformation of nature through time.

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