Hayri Esmer

Hayri was born in 1966 in Diyarbakır, Çermik, Turkey. Lives and Works in Eskişehir.

I find layers fascinating and appealing as they imply both closedness and siege, and at the same time transivity and
jointedness. Through closedness they confine us to the discovery of the inner world or simply cultivation, while with
transivity they crack the door open for transformation. In any case it is a concept that keeps the rediscovery opportunities
alive and that incites our curiosity. It also must be regarded as a highly inspiring and extraordinary wealth in the sense that
it provides an opportunity to be able to see the whole of historical culture, to relate and to reconstruct.

In my works, I attempt to make ambiguous conditions that surround us, that we attest to and that are mostly full of
uncertainties, apparent. Mine is the contemplation of a dream, far from objects and nature and powerful in associative
characteristics. Getting carried away with the temptation of coding, power and persuasiveness of experimenting. And
ultimately, attempting to constitute that piece that is solemn, internally energetic, and profound and that contains within
itself a multi-layered spirituality.

I would like to trace the purest expression that there is, the most primitive, unspoilt and one that is free from all remnants
of culture. An art that ‘attributes to nothing’, that embraces praise solely for being itself. A state that is infinite, reproducing
through repetition, invariably taking new forms and gradually creating its own layers. A state of timelessness. A clean line
that is free from the character of the era, style and genre… A structure in which, by way of stacking side by side / on top of
another, layers are formed, intertwined and interbedded, where boundaries are blurred and ‘formative’ features are lost.
Just like rapidly multiplying and analogous organisms that lose their sense of belonging so they belong everywhere in the
midst of timelessness. Just like in our ways of living, our pleasures and in our opinions… And even in a more general sense,
layers that form the structure of everything, that are its building blocks.