Hülya Özdemir

Hülya was born in 1976 in Erzincan, Turkey. Lives and works in Duzce.

All rivers in the Efteni basin unite to form to the Great Melen. Great Melen is born in the Lake
Efteni. Located in the Province of Düzce, Lake Efteni was once home to more than a hundred bird
species, providing shelter and overwintering conditions for them. However at present, due to
shrinkage of the lake surface to 25 hectares compared to the 814 hectares in 1976, it has suffered
a serious reduction in their natural habitat and the number of bird species stopping over. The
Lake, announced as wildlife preservation area in 2005, is once again on the agenda as a floodplains
protective area, in order to expand the wildlife habitat.