İnsel İnal

İnsel, was born in 1969 in Australia. Lives and works in Kocaeli.

Associate Professor Insel Inal who lives in Istanbul re-constructs the
prominent aspects of Canakkale’s identity in his worked designed for
the 3rd International Canakkale Bienial.

Canakkale region generates its identity with its geographical position
as well as its historical significance. Existing hand in hand with a
military past, this identity also harbors an embracing and protective

A dike build up with a thousand, spotless white, fragile ceramic knives
brings with it new danger along side its promise of protection.
The layout, that threatens what it protects, is menacing it with pokes
and injury while spearing it at the same time, shelters a life criticism
that exploits the reversal of the substantial, in its new ideology, stand,
variations and decompositions. This critic of the artist is carried to
new perceptions with his use of the video of a Canakkale veteran shot
in the “Istanbul’s Independence Day” festivities.