Krassimir Terziev

Krassimir was born in 1969 in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia.

1957. Sputnik 1 was launched. This top secret satellite carried a life-sized “mannequin cosmonaut” –
an ancestor to cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich. Unfortunately, the flight of Sputnik 1 was doomed. A major
malfunction caused the capsule to become incorrectly oriented... it drifted into space, trapped in its
unwanted orbit until re-entry.

Space debris: Man-made material orbiting the earth that has outlived its useful lifetime: Satellites
that have become inactive, discarded rocket bodies, pieces of material jettisoned or having flaked off
of spacecrafts, small objects that are the results of collisions or explosions.

A Message from space in my Backyard is a two channel video installation that focuses on the
phenomenon of space debris. In the format of а photo-video essay, one channel follows the short
history of man in space and the chronology of space junk objects re-entering Earth’s orbit and
falling back on the ground at unpredictable moments and places. The facts in the story are layered
with excerpts from the Brothers Strugatsky science fiction short novel Roadside Picnic and other
interpretations of the phenomenon. The other channel visualises an imaginary body, half-natural,
half-technological, that drifts in space with zero gravity.