Love Difference

Love Difference is a not for profit association
established in June 2002 founded by the
artist Michelangelo Pistoletto together with
international institutions, cultural centres,
researchers, curators and artists, and was intended
as an extension of the activities and vision of
Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto.

The artwork by Love Difference & artway of thinking
Realized by Linda Tonti, Mauro Perna, Emanuela Baldi, Federica
Thiene, Piera Ustori, Piera Falorni, Camilla Ferrario, Conti Valerio,
Incerpi Bianca, Incerpi Marina, Mazreku Ramadan, Nurije Tabaku,
Barakissa Coulibaly, Rosa Trabucco, Tecla Magi, Elora Mazzola,
Alba Pertini, Giuliana Galli, Stefania Mantovani, Giacomo Ferrario,
Rosanna Codolo, Vanna Mantovani, Chiara Marini, Giuseppe Fiore,
Simona Allegranti, Chiara Fersini, Sandra Mariotti, Filippo Fabbrica,
Snark, Asia Ghisti, Letizia Porcù, Tatiana Zazzeri, Paola Cioncolini,
Artur Sinani, Simone Butti, Susanna Stagnati, Sonja Linke, Pacini
Lara, Manuela Mancioppi, Tabaku Adelajda, Malaspina Lorenzo,
Sara Gambassi, Samuele Tomberli, Silvia Gori, Lorenzo Malaspina,
Sebastiano Matteucci, Tommaso Bellandi, Gianmarco Frateschi,
Martina Lavilla, Irene Mori, Giacomo Scaramuzza, Sveva Stiavelli for
Fabbrica della Conoscenza, Montevarchi (Arezzo)

TRASFORMAZIONE (transformation) - chemistry of change
Montevarchi – Italy, April 2011

It is exhibition of the results of a research on methodologies started
in 2005. In this project we decided to create a path that showed the
main outcomes of Methods - processes of change. An intensive six days
exchange among different disciplines and professionals that took place
in May 2010, during which we achieved interesting results concerning
the inputs to transformation of individual and society.
The one month exhibition was characterized by six one day workshop
activities, during which participants could make experience of
techniques of change and development on self and context.
During the exhibition time it was structured an on going
transformation of the set up: we involved the community of elder
embroidery women of the city, who literally moved inside the
exhibition space. Once a week they met, and step by step transformed
the four big printed canvas of the exhibition into hand made collective
artworks. The community expanded outside, there were people from
all over Italy and abroad that started to send us pieces of canvas with
letters written in different techniques. When the exhibition closed the
set up had become another stuff: four big new artworks done by nearly
fifty three people between four and ninety years old. The elder women
were not anymore working by themselves in an isolated place, they
started to be involved in all the activities of the centre.
This project is an example of how space (even exhibition space) can
become place for relation, trans generational exchange, expression of
individual creativity in group and creation of values of community.
This is the sense of making together for us, this is the sense of living
and searching for common good.

The canvas that brings the writing “Sharing and collaborating to
sustain the change” is meaningful of a process of sharing of thoughts
and reflections between figures coming from different fields, this is one
of the assumptions for the Mediterranean Cultural Parliament and of
Love Difference vision and mission.

Here for the Canakkale Biennial we realized an experiential workshop.
The participants experimented for two days exercises of perception,
change of point of view, group sharing.

For us, the very beginning of every process starts within the person,
and the first step to approach a context where to create something,
or collaborate with people, is the observation and the listening.
Participants were lead to explore the context they are with “different”
eyes, to establish a first intuitive and sensitive relation among
themselves and the environment.

To consolidate the experience in the participants we realized a new
canvas with the text translated in Turkish, where each participant
created his/her own letter.