Maja Bajevic

Maja was born in 1967 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. She lives and works in Paris.

Bajevic’s project in Çanakkale is gender-informed and centered on power relations. It draws directly upon another
video-work (from the 1970s) iconic for the subject at hand: a man interrogates a woman about the meaning
of art. Whereas a male artist (Rasa Todosijevic himself) pronounces his question in German (Was Ist Kunst?) in
a rather totalitarian voice, Maja’s counter-piece features a female figure under male interrogation, though in
English, about the way she prefers to be governed. She happens to be not only another woman but also another
artist, “played” by Bajevic herself. The shift from one question to another -from art to governance- reflects the
change in Bajevic’s own position, both as a woman and as a female artist, vis-à-vis the patriarchial / ‘balcanic’
matrix of power -‘unquestionable’ just as formerly, so now; just as in life, so in arts.