"Landscape" Group Exhibition

06/05/2019    |    Events    |    Exhibition

"Landscape" Group Exhibition

“Landscape” exhibition opened on the 5th of May at Tevfikiye OPET Archeo-Village Gallery can be visited until 1 July.

The “Landscape ”exhibition, which presents a selection of the original productions of young generation artists, presents a “landscape” inspired by common values of people, history, culture and nature. Alperen Başbunar, İsmail Bulut, Ece Güneş Erten, Seniha Güler, Burcu Georgian, Elif Havuz, Halil İbrahim Kara, Oğuzhan Karadal, İlter Özyıldırım, Erdal Sezer, Canalp Sipahi, Tarkan Yalçın, Ömer Akif Yeldan, Duygu Yücel and Ogün Yücel's works in different techniques such as ceramics, painting and drawing were brought together.

Reflecting the sensitivity of the young artists living and working in Çanakkale in an effort to live together with the environment in the broadest sense of human beings, to create oneself and to make sense of their lives, the works also examine the geography and ancient history of Troy. Ilter Özyıldırım, Burcu Gürcü, Ömer Akif Yeldan, Oğuzhan Karadal and Halil İbrahim Kara’s ceramic works both question the tradition of the material identified with the city of Çanakkale and reflect their abstractive approaches. The works of Ece Güneş Erten, Canalp Sipahi, Alperen Başbunar and İsmail Bulut, which interact with the visitor and use kinetic and mechanical techniques, focus on the playful encounter with the audience. The landscapes of Elif Havuz and Seniha Güler revealing the geography of Troy, the sad canvases by Tarkan Yalçın reflecting the ruins of historical buildings with a poetic language, the uncanny, abandoned, unmanned chair scenery of Duygu Yücel and the human reflections of Duygu Yücel which is a biographical series consisting of portraits on different surfaces are the other works presented in the exhibition. Erdal Sezer, who also portrays the walls of Tevfikiye OPET Archeo-Village with Troy themed drawings, participates in the exhibition with his original works dealing with the crows, the symbol of wars and fate.

Within the scope of Opet's Respect to History Project, Tevfikiye is transformed into an open-air museum in the concept of Archeo-Village with its atmosphere, historical and mythological values of Troy, and the ‘Landscape’ exhibition is hosted in its gallery until the first 1 July.