Moataz Nasr

Moataz was born in 1961 in Alexandria, Egypt. Lives and works Alexandria.

The video installation 'The Wall' develops the concept of confinement,
of fear, of uncertainty.

The space is a tunnel, a sort of hell that we enter of our own free will
and by trial and error.
"We advance by fits and starts, cautiously,
afraid of bumping into a wall at each step. It is underground, like
the kingdom of Hades, a subtle prison that prevents people from
seeing the sun. And we are forced to return to a state of infancy
which imprisons us in a disturbing andhostile anti-nature. The artist
straightaway places us in a clear opposition between darkness and
light, freedom and imprisonment, joy and sorrow. Contrasting,
contradictory concepts that, through their opposition, create the
tension that is at the root of the video."
(S.Njami, 2012)

"For Moataz Nasr art is a form of exploration that transcends
referential limits. Art is an instrument of quiet contemplation and
active participation; it is the point of connection between the self
and the cosmos, the subject and the object, the real and the ideal,
and itsultimate goal is tolerance, the understanding and sharing of
differences. "
(M. Lietti)