Nancy Atakan

Nancy was born in 1946 in the USA. Lives and works in Istanbul.

This video represents sacrifice. Like wounded animals trapped in zoos, like birds that have been
caged, two women in unison scream. But, the needlework plays the significant role, not what is
written because we all know the world is in a state of emergency, but as pure representation.

Throughout the ages and across cultures, women have been allowed to sew and to even write
messages in their needlework. Here, two women that resemble each other sit in a deep dark
hole and sew. One is the artist herself and the other a professional actress. What do their actions

Today’s art world is precarious and subject to censorship. To be able to continue to work has
the female artist reverted to a gender referenced acceptable medium? One thing is for certain,
in this video work these women are shown confined inside the ascribed. What is worse, their
understandable frustration expressed in the form of a scream can be referred to by some as just
hysteria, a state ascribed to women by Freud.