Nazlı Gürlek

Nazlı was born in 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey. Lives and Works in Istanbul and Menlo Park, California.

My works translate physical movements, emotional states, sensations and mental monologues
into visual and material configurations. Through a self-reflexive, repetitive process rooted in the
here and now of my own lived experience I collect data and measure it against natural phenomena
such as gravity, liquidity, light, wind, heat and elements like water and earth. Chemical reactions
are allowed to emerge by chance from the free interaction of materials within ordered frames.
Pondering on the organic, affective, emotional and instinctual processes of the human body each
piece can be seen as a microscopic fragment of the self, an abstraction of the living subject into
visual data, and an attempt towards ultimate unity. At the very core of each work is the constant
seeking of a post-humanist, universal condition in which everything is inter-connected.